about community

The Albanian Developers Community originated as a Facebook Group founded by Flakerim Ismani on November 16, 2011. This group was established out of a personal necessity for Mr. Ismani to remain connected with fellow developers while residing in Tirana. The group was initially intended to be a platform for members to share their knowledge and experience with others. It was also intended to be a place where members could ask questions and receive answers from other members.

Over time, individuals invited others to join the group, resulting in significant growth. Presently, the group comprises over 6,500 members and continues to expand. While its configuration has changed over time, its primary purpose remains to provide a platform for members to exchange knowledge and discuss technological advancements in software development. The group has been instrumental in the development of numerous projects, including the Albanian Developers Conference, which was held for the first time in 2022.

The conference has been held annually since then, and has become a highly anticipated event for the community. The group has also been involved in the organization of other events, including hackathons, workshops, and meetups.

Throughout its existence, the group has witnessed the emergence and disappearance of numerous technologies. It remains neutral in its approach to technology and continues to assist members in areas such as programming languages, frameworks, and other relevant fields of development.