The Albanian Developer Community is led by a team that is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization, overseeing its operations and finances, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The board members are all experienced developers and IT professionals with a strong commitment to supporting the Albanian developer community.

Flakerim Ismani

Chairman and Founder

Flakërim Ismani is an accomplished developer with over 20 years of experience in building web and mobile applications, managing databases, and working with various platforms and technologies. He is proficient in PHP, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Vuejs, and has excellent object-oriented design skills. Flakërim has experience serving as a technical lead throughout the software development lifecycle, from conception to maintenance, and has knowledge of professional software engineering and best practices. He has expertise in relational and non-relational databases, software testing, and debugging skills. Flakërim is a great team player, whether in a large or small team, and has worked as an independent developer.

In terms of general skills, Flakërim is skilled in analyzing information, programming, software design, debugging, documentation, testing, problem-solving, teamwork, software development fundamentals, software development process, and software requirements. He is also skilled in specific tech stacks, including LAMP/LEMP stack, MEVN stack, Rails stack, Mobile Stack (Flutter), and Realtime Services.

Overall, Flakërim is a highly experienced and skilled developer with a diverse range of skills and experience in the software development industry.In addition, Flakërim Ismani currently serves as the CEO of Urbanway and {basecode}, where he applies his extensive expertise and leadership skills to drive innovation and growth in the companies.